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Unity 2022.3.6f1  ʚ PC x QUEST ɞ

uploads for 5USD!! [ if youre experiencing any issues make a ticket in my server here]


┉ Create new project using VrChat Creator Companion.

┉ Import Latest Poiyomi Toon.

┉ Import kaia by dumpling.unitypackage


× appearance; metal swap, skin radial (pale to dark), white/black/brown lashes+brows, hair+emission hue, saturation + brightness

× hair; 3 bangs options + off toggle ;; low ponytail, long ponytail, long, short hair + highside ponytail + clipped up hair

× outfit; jacket, cropped top, tank top, pj pants, shorts, high socks, slippers (2 variants) + MORE.

× GoGo Locomotion setup.

× Contact recievers(headpat, noseboop,eyepoke)

× 194110 Polys, 101MB texture memory usage, Very Poor Performance Rank, PC & QUEST, Fullbody Ready.


×Head: 23minkcicieaaanikkie, bunisu (edited by me not for reuse) 

×Body: nikkie & ekko (edit by me not for reuse+texture edited by me not for reuse)

×Species: whituu, bwites, nikkie & dumpling

×Hair: sleepy, apyr, darcy, krinuts, velvet, cupkake & dumpling

×Outfits: nyakoh, fooly, imlexz, flexuh, hoeyume, lunar reef, vampi, hayweee (retopoed & reuved) & dumpling

×Accessories: krinuts, spicy, nauuki, dumpling

×Extra: franada, sahara, sache, axphy, meoouu/zilaaa (quest ver)

tos here

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