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Unity 2019.4.31f1ย ย สš PC ONLY ษž

uploads for 5USD!! [ if youre experiencing any issues make a ticket in my server here]


โ”‰ Create new project using VrChat Creator Companion. ( Poiyomi Toon Included )

โ”‰ Import lune by dumpling.unitypackage

โ™ก TOGGLES โ™ก

ร— appearance; skin radial (pale to dark), white lashes+brows, hair+emission hue, saturation + brightness

ร— hair; 2 bangs options + long/short slider;; low long pigtails, short high pigtails, long, short hair + sidehair/braid is toggleable (can also mix n match)

ร— GoGo Locomotion setup.

ร— Contact recievers(headpat, noseboop,eyepoke)

ร— 336583 Polys, 105MB texture memory usage, Very Poor Performance Rank, PC ONLY, Fullbody Ready.

โ™ก CREDITS โ™ก

;head: cicieaaa (type 3 female), krinuts(eye tex v3+v3 animehead), bunisu (v2+v3 head), zinpia (zinpiahead) edited by me, not for reuse!!ย 

;body: nikkie (edit by me not for reuse+texture edited by me not for reuse)

;species: nikkie + wen3d (bow + piercings)

;hair: saikura, darcy, velvet, krinuts, nikkie & sleepyvrc

;outfits: crabman, apyr, fooly, hayweee, hoeyume, velvet, hypopxia, plaz, buneskapp, froujee, imlexz & dumpling#0001

;accessories: krinuts, apyr, hayweee, nauuki, holoexe, bunisu, lunarreef, akami, ana, cimomo & dumpling#0001

โˆฟ Extra: franada, sahara

tos here

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (868MB) file

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Elli โ™ก.

Verified Buyer

6 months ago


The most adorable avatar I've ever bought, I love her so much