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TOS For Models

Models cannot be made public in any form. This includes: distribution to other individuals or groups of people, making the avatars and its contents public on your VRChat account, or being placed in VRChat world avatar pedestals. Edits of my avatars cannot be made public or redistrubuted either. Any edits of my models are to remain for personal use. 


My models are specifically made for VRCHAT which means I do NOT allow anyone to use them outside the game, exceptions can be made but that has to be asked in private. 


If you wanna use my models for streaming on Twitch/Tiktok content or Youtube you have full permission as long as you own the personal liscence to the said model and credit me for the model. 


Resale of my models is prohibited. Any monetary gain from distributing my models is strictly prohibited, including edits (by yourself or other individuals), direct resale, or being placed in paid gateways. This includes redistribution of my models through monetized model pools (paid access to databases of downloadable models) (e.g. discord nitro boosting, paid discord server access, etc). My models MUST be purchased directly from me. 


Editing my models are permitted as long as they are still recognizable, if its been heavily modified and you do NOT own the liscence of any of the assets on the model thats considered stealing assets, all the assets I use are always properly credited and if you own the liscence to it you are permitted to use my version of it ( Unless stated otherwise, you do not have permission to use any of my edits commercially this is personal use only OBS: does not apply to base edits eg. head edits/base edits ) 


All sales are final I absolutely do NOT accept any type of refunds. 

TOS For Assets

My paid/nitro assets are only allowed on public/private or for sale models, i do NOT allow them to be used on free/nitro models, unless you’ve personally asked me and gotten my permission. 


If my assets are to be used on a for sale model i expect to be properly credited with my name ( dumpling ) and a link to my shop/discord server. 


No kitbashing for commercial use i do NOT allow anyone to use anymore of but 3 of my assets on a model ( 2 if its nitro ) unless heavily modified/edited. ( also does not apply to hairs or accessories just clothing) 


I do NOT allow my assets to be used on models that glorify selfharm, hatespeech or political/religious activities. 


Do NOT take credit for my work, you are also NOT allowed to use my assets privately or commercially unless bought directly from me. 


You are NOT allowed to use my if you’ve been banned from my server. 

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a ban from my server and you will lose all ur rights to use any of my models / assets. Legal action will be taken if I see fit.