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Unity 2022.3.6f1  ʚ PC ɞ

uploads for 5USD!! [ if youre experiencing any issues make a ticket in my server here]


┉ Create new project using VrChat Creator Companion.

┉ Import latest Poiyomi.

┉ Import carte postale by dumpling.unitypackage


× Radial sliders for skin, hueshift, saturation + brightness for main hair, hair strands, hair emissions and outfit.

× Toggles for hair(long, short, pixie, ponytail, high bun + spacebuns) bangs(3options)+ bangs off, two bikini options, tube top, t-shirt, shorts, shawl, cropped jacket, thigh highs, garters, waist beads, shoes(sandals + sneakers) + accessories.

× GoGo Loco, ASL & Fake Index.

× Contact recievers(headpat, noseboop,eyepoke)

× 325493 Polys, 106,2MB texture memory usage, Very Poor Performance Rank, PC ONLY, Fullbody Ready.


× head; 23mink, cicieaaa, nikkie, bunisu, krinuts (edited by me not for reuse) 

× body; zinpia (edit by me not for reuse+texture/tattoos edited by me not for reuse)

× species; whituu & dumpling

× hair; sleepy, bunisu, nikkie, krinuts, saikura, nessy, velvet, sohvi, siren & darcy

× outfits; peachanas, lolo, imlexz, plaz, apyr, cupkake, hayweee, lesh & dumpling

× accessories; hayweee, wen.3d, sache, krinuts, hypopxia, velvet, 7uvr, hypophrenia, apyr, 7517, renipuff & dumpling

× extra; franada, sahara, sache, axphy, bad, lod

tos here

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (735MB) file

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1 day ago


Every part is perfect as always. The way the avi moves so smoothly and always has so many toggles. Love love love.